"The world has a spiritual destiny."


The work of Triangles is simple, yet of deep spiritual significance.
In order to clarify and reveal its essential simplicity, the following points are useful.

  1. What is a Triangle?
    Triangles is an activity whereby a network of light and goodwill
    covering the entire planet is created and maintained.

  2. Why a network?
    A network provides the necessary interlocking strands are channels
    along which flow
    the spiritual energies of light and goodwill
    invoked by all Triangles workers.

  3. Why a triangle?
    The triangle is a basic geometric figure, spiritually symbolic of the
    original essential Trinity of the Godhead. Three people can work as a group
    and provide three linked focal points through which spiritual energy can circulate.

  4. Of what does the network consist?
    The network is built of strands of lighted mental substance along which flows the energy of goodwill.

  5. How is it built?
    The network is built and maintained by the daily action of each
    Triangles worker invoking spiritual energies and using the creative power of the mind.

  6. How is the work done?
    The individual links in thought and purpose with the other two members
    of the triangle, or triangles, seeing the vital energies of light and goodwill
    circulating from point to point. He/she then directs the flow energy into the network,
    clearly visualizing the radiant worldwide network of triangles, of which
    is/her own is a part. The individual then repeats the words of the Great Invocation
    with concentration and intention.

  7. Why use the invocation?
    The use of the Great Invocation focuses and realizes the spiritual energies available
    for the vitalizing of the whole network.

  8. What is the motive for joining Triangles?
    The motive is not personal benefit but world service.

    The Triangles work, therefore, is an act of service to humanity. Triangles workers
    take up the activity in a spirit of co-operation and selfless service, and in order to
    stimulate and increase the flow of light and goodwill all over the world.

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    In response to his country’s love of disposable drink packets, Malaysian designer
    Ed Chew created a way to turn those spent soft drink containers into artful lamps.
    By folding the durable material into triangular tubes, and then fitting those tubes
    into pentagonal and hexagonal clusters, any number of geodesic shapes can be created.
    Amazingly, Chew’s explanation of the lamp’s construction seem to indicate that the shapes
    hold themselves together without any adhesive.

    Make your own drink pack lamp:
    Part 1